Texas Amateur Rodeo Association (TARA) was an association designed to bring more rodeo events to the hill country and surrounding areas back in 2007.

We (The Mattice Family) purchased TARA in 2011 because of our love for rodeo and barrel racing.  We wanted to bring the association back to the WCSP Arena in Georgetown, TX and give cowgirls a barrel race that is affordable and fun for the entire family.  

Let me introduce you to our family.  Chris is the President and announcer at the race. He works to make the ground the best possible at each and every race.  We are always giving him a hard time about running for dog catcher because he's the one you will see shaking hands and kissing babies around the arena.  My name is Crystal.  I like to hide in the office behind the computer and of course pass out those winnings.  It excites me to see our participates show up every week and when we are at another race I'm the one checking in to see how you did.  Courtney is our oldest daughter.  She has now taken a job at Dell and will be married this year,   You will still see her around the races down stairs on her horse waiting for her turn or setting barrels.  Jessica is our youngest daughter.  She's living in Thrall and going to school to finish her degree.   Wesley is our oldest son.  You will find him leading the ground crew/barrel setting team.  He spends many hours in that arena each week to make sure the race and barrels are moving along in a timely manner.  Cooper is our youngest son.  He thinks he's the brains behind all of this and he does give us a lot of ideas for the other kids, such as buckle giveaways, cupcakes on my birthday to everyone and glow sticks to the kids.  You can thank him for these ideas,

As any of you know there are many people involved in making TARA what it is at each race.  We look forward to meeting each of you!! 

For more information please  call Crystal (512) 848-7869 or email crystal@rodeotexas.org