Texas Amateur Rodeo Association Youth Rules
1.     TARA reserves the right to refuse any entry.

2.     No REFUNDS except as indicated below (see #13).

3.     Horse substitutions must be made in the Show Office before the FIRST horse runs in each race.

4.     No Rider substitutions.

5.     No switching of draw position.

6.     All reruns will be the decisions of the TARA directors.  Reruns will be on a fresh drag.  Arena Director’s decisions are FINAL.  A horse falling during a run will not receive a rerun.

7.     Goat tying: All ages must flank and tie the goat.  The 9 & under age group will have the goat held until they reach the goat.  10 years old and up age groups the goat will released on the 10’ long rope when the child enters the arena.  You must use a goat thong or pigging string to tie the goats legs together.  No metal rings or wire allowed on or in the thong.  The goat thong maybe leather, nylon, grass, rope or a combination of the three.  Time will stop when the contestant’s hands are in the air signaling they are done.  They must back up at least three feet and the goat must remain tied for 6 seconds from the time the contestant steps away from the goat. A 5 second penalty if the horse crosses the tether between the start time and the end time.

8.     Poles:  All ages groups will receive a 5 second penalty for each pole knocked down.  You cannot back up to go around a missed pole.

9.     Barrels: Contestant will receive a NT (No Time) for knocking over a barrel or breaking the pattern.

10. A horse may enter each race only once. You may enter as many horses per race as you wish. With the exception of goat tying.  A horse can be shared for goat tying events.

11. You will be disqualified during a run if your horse looses forward motion or you break the timer.

12. A tie for awards will be handled by a coin toss.

13. Vet and medical releases for all entries must be received in the show office before the race starts. All applicable entry fees will be returned to the contestant.  TARA will retain a $5 office fee.   Vet or Doctor releases can be emailed to crystal@riderodeotexas.com up until Thursday at 6:00 pm prior to the race. After that time the vet or Doctor releases must be delivered to the TARA Show office at the show location. If a vet or Doctor release is emailed to the show location it is the contestants responsibility to make sure the release is delivered to the TARA show office. The vet or Doctors release does not become valid until it is delivered to someone on the TARA office staff.

14. 70% pay back, Equal pay out in each age group.

15. The Youth format will be a straight race.  Fastest time in each age group is first and so on.

16. Number of places paid per race: 1-20 entries: 1 place in each age group, 21-35 entries: 2 places in each age group, 36- 75 entries: 3 places in each age group, 76-115 entries: 4 places in each age group, 116-150 entries: 5 places paid in each age group, 151+ entries: 6 places paid in each age group.

17.  A $25.00 return check fee plus bank fees will be charged on all returned checks.

18. If you pre-enter for the youth event or exhibitions and do not show up you must pay for the entries before you can enter another show.

19. Contestants will be disqualified for any mistreatment of stock.

20. Dress code: Jeans, boots/riding shoes and a shirt with sleeves.  No tank tops or halter tops.

21. Must ride 4 of 6 dates to qualify.  We will count all 6 dates for points.